Artist Statement

Kate Lenkowsky is a textile artist and author. Her art has developed from amateur quiltmaking in the late 1990s to contemporary textile art. During the intervening years, study and travel brought exposure to the textile arts of other cultures and the work of early modernist and expressionist artists. The paintings of Cezanne and George Braque, the prints of Kathe Kolbe and Ernst Barlach, and the textiles of West Afica, Pre-Columbian Peru, and southeast Asia have been influential in her work as have the weavings of Anni Albers.
At times, Lenkowsky incorporates weave structures such herringbone and twill into the background of her quilts, creating expressive line and movement by overlaying them with embroidery. In other work, a love of classical music finds an outlet as sound becomes color and color, sound. Both color and line find expression in her prints of ceramic forms.